Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you missed out on an opportunity because you were not prepared? Perhaps you were not properly dressed to meet with representatives from another company. Perhaps you did not have things in place for a sponsorship or a collaboration that would have profited your business. Perhaps you simply were not in the right place at the right time. How did this make you feel?

When we think of opportunity, we often picture it as some special envoy that always come knocking. If we follow this reasoning, it is apt to ask then that when an opportunity comes knocking, whom or what does it meet at the door? What better response than ‘preparation’. If opportunity meets no preparation, is it not a natural consequence that it turns right away to the next door?

When opportunity meets preparation, it could seem as though everything you have been waiting for suddenly falls in place, all at once or one after the other. It could mean a game-changer for your personal ambitions, business or company. It could mean that promotion you have been so eager for. It could mean that visibility you have been working so hard towards. So why are we almost never prepared?

Being prepared for the changes and/or success you anticipate is the best thing you could do for your brand this year. All the more reason to begin now! 

Be prepared. An opportunity might come knocking on your door next!


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