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The main objective for this programme is to upgrade the knowledge and skills of the potential Total Reward Management Professional, as in any professional career we are all seeking the best-fit employment strategies associated with the highest performance, for a better business. Total Rewarding Management (TRM) the evolution of Compensation and Benefits System (CBS), plays a big role in the Internal and External Equity, Retaining and Attaining the best fit for the company, Training Schemes, Recruitment Policies, the Performance Management Policies and Organisation Development Practices.

If you are someone who is involved in any of the above-mentioned HR Function and contribute at least a bit of designing to the Total Rewarding System or Scheme in your organisation, as a part of your job, you’ll want to be prepared for the Total Rewarding Process, or what’s called TRM Structure, System and Strategies that you do on a regular basis for both short and long-term organisational objectives.

You will begin the process of Job Analysis, Job Evaluation, Designing a Pay Scale and Benefits Scheme, mastering the Total Rewarding Management (TRM) with the full understanding that TRM is a process where high skills and knowledge, are applied in the most critical arena of the HR functions.


What the programme has to offer:
CITRP will give you all types of practitioner, managerial tools and equip you with all the mandatory skills and knowledge which will help you manage, lead and implement the TRM; this is a compelling course that will encourage HR Supervisors/Managers to explore more of HR Strategic Management Skills such as Recruitment as a strategic scope, identifying Performance Gap Analyses hence applying Pay per Performance and Productivity (PPP), and managing a reliable Total Reward Strategy based on the Company’s vision.

You will know the difference between the Leading, Matching and Lagging Pay Strategies and what are the positive effects using each, even in a combined approach.

The dialogue approach, especially in a tough topic that links payment and performance with training, in short, highlight the linkage between Individual Performance, Departmental Performance and Organisational Performance, which will enable the graduate to have all the key benefits.


Who Should Attend?

  • This program is specially designed for those who carry out the fringe and non-fringe benefits set bonus scheme related to performance, Recruitment, Organisation Development, all the C level, and the steering team.
  • Minimum of 3 years in HR or 2 years in a managerial level position

What to expect:

  • Glimpses of TRS
  • Rewards & Basics of Compensation
  • Building Internal Equity
  • Total Rewarding Structure
  • Benefit Plans & Total Reward Planning
  • Total Reward Planning

TRS Workshop (Practical)


May 1


8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Plot 5a, Pinnock Beach Estate Jakande Round-about Lekki,
Lagos Nigeria


Poise Nigeria

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