Communication skills are life skills because without them we wouldn’t be able to have any relationships. We communicate with people every day, whether that be in the work place or with friends/family. Without knowing how to communicate with the people around you, you would never be able to build friendships, romance, or professional skill. Also, without communication skills people would never know how you’re feeling if you’re unable to communicate that with them. This could lead to a very lonely life. Although difficult at times, being able to communicate with people around you is very important in life and can make your life better.

Communication is something we all use every day. Every day we are selling ourselves to other people. We give off an impression to others when we don’t even know we are doing this.

If you have good communicationskills, you will be able to build better relationships in your life. This could be at home or at work. They also help if you want to negotiate or influence and persuade people. Communication is the foundation for all we do. What you say can empower and inspire or demotivate and demoralize. Words are very powerful and the way we communicate to others is the most under practiced skill we use.